Jan. 31, 2023

Ep. 28 - Disappointing Games (feat. Tony of "Playstation Rumble" and Nave of "Gaming Together")

Ep. 28 - Disappointing Games (feat. Tony of

They say that only time can mend a broken heart, but all of the games in this episode have shattered our hearts beyond repair! Aaron is joined by Tony of "Playstation Rumble" and returning is Nave of "Gaming Together" as they talk about games that disappointed them and why they hate them so much. *insert mad face emoji here*

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Host of "Gaming Together"

Join Phillip and Nave on their unhinged journey to battle every cooperative game in existence! No subject is safe from our righteous fury.
Mostly run by Nave

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Host of "PlayStation Rumble"

Join us as we explore the PlayStation library, one game at a time.