Aaron & Tommy: Super Pod Saga

About Super Pod Saga

Having been good friends since elementary school, Aaron and Tommy are on a Super Pod Saga to discuss every video game topic in existence! Each week, each of them will bring a discussion topic to the table and they'll use their breadth of video game knowledge and history to talk about the subjects until there's nothing left to say.

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About the Hosts

Aaron KlaassenProfile Photo

Aaron Klaassen

Galactic Necrolord Supreme

I love the GameCube, 3DS, Dreamcast, and anything NeoGeo.

I'm a total goblin for JRPGs, puzzle games, and roguelikes. RIP Earthbound 64.

Tommy ReinkingProfile Photo

Tommy Reinking

I'm Using Tilt Controls!

I've been playing video games my whole life but I've only beaten like 12 of them. I've got a short attention span but I love the truly unique experiences that video games bring.