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A Nostalgic and Fun time.

One of the better new gaming podcasts out there, the duo of Aaron and Tommy have a fun chemistry as they discuss a variety of different gaming topics with there own unique charm and flair! A definite recommend!

Fun show!

A variety of topics makes the show really fun - great audio quality, fun banter and a really joyful show.

The Nostalgic Game Bangers💥

Recently to one of their playstation episodes (Huge Playstation and Nintendo fan btw!) Really enjoyed alot of the feels of their conversations about Video Games and always will be a gamer no matter the circumstances! Gamer Listeners out there, check out their show!

A trip through games

A fun listen! Definitely got me feeling nostalgia for a lot of great games and wanting to play a few I missed! Nice to hear non-pompous thoughts on games and just two regular dudes sharing their appreciation of games. I’ll for sure be checking out more topics in the future! Ryan Wilson From You gonna eat that crust? Podcast