Dec. 16, 2022

Who Wants to Be a Video Game Trivia Genius?

Who Wants to Be a Video Game Trivia Genius?

Grab a drink, a few snacks, and sit the heck down because Aaron's hosting the most extravagant trivia night you've ever tasted with your ears!

They're gonna be answering trivia questions about video games, talking about lots of other awesome stuff, and mostly hanging out. 

Regis Philbin would be so jealous of Aaron's sweet gameshow host skills! 

Joining him is Bill from "Gaming and Collecting", Chase from "Playcube Gamecast", Chris from "1H1D", Nave from "Gaming Together", and Slade from "Video Game Club".

NaveProfile Photo


Host of "Gaming Together"

Join Phillip and Nave on their unhinged journey to battle every cooperative game in existence! No subject is safe from our righteous fury.
Mostly run by Nave

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Host of "Gaming and Collecting Podcast"

A gaming and anime based nostalgia podcast that aims to bring in the sibling perspective from hosts Bill and Alex as they discuss many topics!

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Host of "Video Game Club"

A podcast for the people that love video games.

Join us every fortnight to hear our thoughts on the latest releases and find out what we're playing next.

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Host of "Playcube Gamecast"

We look at games from the 2000's and see if they are worth playing today.

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Host of "1 Hour 1 Decision (1H1D) "

We play a random Xbox Game Pass for an hour and decide if it's worth our time! Episodes every Wednesday night! Part of the QTB Network!